Every year close to 42,000 people die in traffic related accidents. The cost of these accidents exceeds $72 billion dollars and results in 1.7 million disabling injuries.

Today's vehicles are the safest ever, drunk driving incidents are down and the use of seatbelts are increasing. Why do personal injuries, deaths, financial loss continue to impact us?

The greatest factor in preventing vehicle collisions and subsequent physical pain and financial loss is a competent, well trained driver behind the wheel!!

 DRIVER AWARENESS 24-7 teaches you how to prevent collisions in spite of adverse conditions and the actions of others. We help drivers develop the positive attitude necessary for collision-free driving.

DRIVER AWARENESS 24-7 can help reduce the physical, emotional, and financial costs traffic accidents can inflict on your company and employees. We can also help you maintain or improve your public image.                                


Bruce Leininger, President of Driver Awareness 24-7, is a CTTA Associate Member and a graduate of both the International Institute of Towing & Recovery (IITR) Light Duty Certification through AAA, and CTTA Level II and CTTA Heavy Duty Level VI Certification.

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