The Goals of DRIVER AWARENESS 24-7 are:

•Reduce the liability, legal litigation and insurance costs to the employer through driver education.

•Insure that employees have the knowledge they need to keep themselves and your equipment accident free.

Topics covered in DRIVER AWARENESS 24-7 classes for the professional driver include:

•Pre-trip inspection of your class "C" and class "B" vehicles
•Driver attitudes
•Safe driving techniques
•Identifying potential traffic and road hazards, anticipating and dealing with incorrect actions by other drivers
•Avoiding potentially dangerous confrontations in traffic
•Legal responsibilities of employers and drivers
•Liability - Criminal, civil and punitive damage awards
•Important vehicle code sections including alcohol and drug (prescription and non-prescription) responsibility

Examples of some of our current class offerings:

"Safety First" for the Towing Professional
"Defensive Driving"
"Driver Awareness for County Employees"
"Driver Awareness for Home and Business"
"Parental Liability"


Driver Awareness 24-7 now offers "Vehicle Use Policies" for your company. These policies offer the basic information necessary for your company to succeed in creating an effective employee information packet. Protecting your company with a 'Vehicle Use Policy" is a vital tool in today's employee/employer relationship.

Please contact Driver Awareness 24-7 for more information regarding a personalized "Vehicle Use Policy" for your company.


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